See Helsinki by Bike

If you are planning a trip to Helsinki we highly recommend seeing the sights by bike!

With over 1500km of dedicated and well maintained cycle lanes you can quickly and safely get around the city.

Helsinki city centre is nice and flat with no hills worth mentioning, cycling in the summer is a joy and really is the best way to get from place to place.

Whether you want to visit the museums or take a trip to Central Park to experience the wonderful nature our rental bikes will be perfect for the job.


Why Rent a Bike From Us?

Nice Bike is an independent bicycle repair shop in central Helsinki. We all love cycling and take great pleasure in knowing that we are helping to make your holiday memorable.

We are one of the most popular bicycle hire shops in Helsinki thanks to our central location and great customer service. We have thousands of happy customers from over the last few years.

You can book a rental bike online to guarantee availability.

Nice Bike Pyörähuolto
Eerikinkatu 46
00180 Helsinki

About Our Bikes

Our rental bicycles are one of the most commonly used styles in Finland.

They feature a step-through unisex frame which makes it easy to get on and off the bike. The size is suitable for most adults.

The bikes have three gears, front and rear brakes, and a basket big enough for a backpack. 

Please note: we only have the pictured city bikes, we do not have any other types of bikes (gravel, road, MTB, electric, kids, children’s seats or trailers etc).

rental bike helsinki

Pick-up and Drop-off Times

The rental period for our bikes is 10:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday. If you would like to use the bike outside of these times you can book additional days and keep the bike until closing on the return date.

If you plan on keeping the bike overnight you will be responsible for its safety. You can ask your hotel or AirBnB host if there is a secure storage space available during your stay.


If you have any questions before booking your rental bikes please don’t hesitate to contact us by email using the form.

We highly recommend pre-booking bikes below well in advance for the period you require them for. We only have a limited number available and during the busy summer season we can’t guarantee availability without a booking.

Please Note
A deposit of 100€ per bike is required. When paying online this is reserved automatically just before your rental period starts and released back to your bank account when you return the bike in good condition on time. For in store rentals the deposit can be left in cash or by card.

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Nice Bike Pyörähuolto Kamppi
Eerikinkatu 46
00180 Helsinki

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